The big day is almost here-your child's first day of preschool! 


On Monday & Tuesday, the 11th & 12th of January, Global Child will host a welcome days-the idea behind these days is to give your child the opportunity to become familiar with the school environment & their teachers before starting school.  

This year we are requesting that parents pre-book their welcome session.  This will ensure that there is ample space between families (no crowds for safety!) & each family gets ample undivided attention & care.  Each session will be 30 minutes long.


We kindly request that you limit the individuals in your booking to 2 parents/ guardians & your respective children.  If you have other children not enrolled at the school who need to accompany your family as childcare is unavailable they are welcome to come with you.

Please use the online booking platform below to schedule your welcome session.  Please check that you are booking for the correct branch before making your selection as both the Linden & Parkview branches have a booking platform below.  When making your booking it will show that the booking is for only 1 participant-please view this to mean 1 participant family (2 guardians along with their children can attend as outlined above). 

If your child is attending on a 1-3 day basis we request that you kindly adhere to your child's chosen days of attendance with regards to bringing them to school for their first day-so for example if you have chosen to bring them on a Tuesday, Thursday & Friday, please bring them on these days instead of on the "first day of school" (or Wednesday the 13th of January for the independent calendar or Monday the 18th of January for the government calendar). This practice ensures that we don't have every new family dropping off new children on the same day who will all require parent updates & photos, cuddles, & settling (we are skilled at this but parent understanding & co-operation goes a long way!)