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Our day:
Eat. Play. Love.
(Oh, and learn)
Our program has a flexible time schedule and a framework that offers plenty of freedom of choice and time to move from one activity to another.  We generally begin the day with outside play in our outdoor classroom.  The children are then led to our indoor classroom where they begin exploring a variety of Montessori apparatus & Reggio Inspired Learning Provocations.  This is the children’s opportunity to play with other children, to manipulate objects and materials, to discover what makes things work, to make mistakes, and to imagine and create.  The children enjoy circle time where they sing songs, read stories, and share.
Your child is an explorer. At Global Child Preschool, she’ll get all the opportunities she needs to discover her world, interact with peers and bond with her educator. 
Here, your child will have a chance to play in the fresh air on site, and in the naturally stimulating rooms that promote wonder and creativity. All the while, our nurturing Early Childhood Educators look for teachable moments to foster learning about the sights and sounds that interest him or her most. Start your day knowing your child will have a chance to experience joy, love, nutrition, physical activity and attachments to peers and educators.
This isn’t a classroom. This is a world of possibility.
Ordinary moments become magical moments every day at Global Child Preschool. All of our programs give your child the confidence and freedom to learn with their hands and their imagination.
This is where children discover the world, their own wonderful talents, and a lifelong love of learning.
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