Our toolkit

Education, much like gardening, requires plenty of special care. Here’s how we keep our school in the green of health!

This is the part where we tell you what your child will learn at our school. We use the emergent curriculum, but hold the panic button! There’s no need for encyclopedias here.  An emergent curriculum means that children are given the freedom to learn at their own pace and by what interests them. Emergent curriculum is a way of planning curriculum that is based on the children’s interest and passion at a certain point in time. Children thrive and learn best when their interests are captured. Learning occurs naturally. 
Their curiosity won’t just be satiated, it’ll be piqued! And because they’ll constantly be engaged with their teachers and friends, they’ll develop all-rounded social skills, communication skills, problem solving skills, and motor skills, as well as learn how to confidently express themselves in different types of ways, like drawing, movement, and acting

Never fear a Vitamin D shortage again! We advocate outdoor play because it keeps children healthy, stimulates their physical and mental development, and makes for an endlessly interesting classroom. Our students spend a lot of their school day outdoors.   Best of all, all our meals are enjoyed alfresco.


 Our teaching team is passionate about the emergent curriculum, and sees children as strong, capable members of the community and as individuals with rights.  All our teachers have diplomas or degrees in Early Childhood Education and are equipped with First Aid certification. The key roles of our teachers are to: observe a child’s interest, sustain their explorations with related materials, enrich the child’s experience by posing new challenges, and document all the wonderful growth and development.



Our curriculum is unique because it has developed and evolved through years of experience and observing what actually works with children.  In designing our curriculum we have used the Montessori philosophy as the foundation and combined it with aspects from other  impressive programs, such as the Reggio Emilia Approach. In order for children to have a well rounded learning experience we also offer a diverse range of extra-curricular activities as part of our curriculum.


Teachers are viewed as facilitators of children’s learning experiences. As partners, they listen, document, challenge, and organize children’s learning in a collaborative relationship with other colleagues.


Ideas are shared, work is exchanged and opportunities are created to extend and build upon theories that are uncovered. In this way of working, projects may occur which last days or months.


Through the conscious use of space, color, light, displays of children’s work, and attention to nature and detail, the environment serves as another teacher.


Children act on a variety of materials: clay, wire, drawing media, paper, and so on. They learn the ABC’s of each material which they use to express their ideas, theories and feelings about the world in which they live.


The learning process between children and teachers is captured, made visible and then shared in order to support wondering, researching and learning among teachers and child.

  • ​Half,  3/4 & full day option

  • We accept children from the time they are walking-"when you are walking you are welcome"

  • For toddlers between 11 months to 3 years old, we offer the option of  1-3 school days a week.

  • And for 3 to 5 year olds, classes run 5 days a week which help ease their transition into “big school” once they graduate from Global Child Preschool.

  • Hours of operation- 7 am to 5.30 pm

  • Director of Global Child holds a Masters Degree in psychology specializing in play therapy 

  • We cater for both government and private school timetables.

  • Holiday care is available at an additional cost throughout the year until mid December.

  • We support a proudly multicultural & diversity orientated ethos.

  • We offer a healthy and delicious optional meal and snack program- whole grains, no sugar, low salt, organic where possible & lovingly prepared.  All food is Halaal.

  • We offer an exciting range of extra murals such as swimming, Kids Gymnastics, Creative Dance, Engineering, Music, Manners4Minors & Playball.  

  • Each child’s individuality is affirmed and helping our learners to reach their full potential is our priority.  We truly feel blessed to be able to nurture this potentiality.  

  • Qualified warm & welcoming teachers

  • No plastic tables & chairs or plastic jungle gyms-instead we offer an environment that promotes an engagement with nature 

  • Security guard on site

  • 16 Camera Surveillance System

  • Daily photographic updates, weekly diary reports & termly reports.

Why Your Family Will Love Global Child Preschool:

Fusing leading educational approaches to early childhood development to create a syllabus designed to promote the holistic development of the child

At Global Child Preschool we have combined the Reggio & Montessori approach to early childhood development to create a unique program which promotes a child's creative expression, engagement with nature & exploration of language,  the senses, numeracy, geography, science & culture.


Here are some of the cornerstones of our approach:

  • An image of the child as a strong, capable protagonist in his or her own learning. We see each child as competent and full of potential. We try to understand and bring out the child’s viewpoint and abilities.

  • The centrality of expressive arts in learning. We give children the opportunity to look at and experience their world in many different ways, and encourage them to use all their senses.

  •  We value each child’s capacity to communicate through languages such as music, painting, drawing, art, clay, collage, imaginative play, movement, dance & friendship

  • An emergent curriculum that builds upon the interests of children. Topics for study emerge from the talk of children, through community or family events, as well as the known interests of children.

  • Learning comes through intrinsic joy and self-correction

  • Sensitive period is a source of natural development

  • Learning is hands-on experience

  • Nature inspires children.

We believe....
.....education starts at birth.The first years bring “windows of opportunity” that open a child’s life forever. The greatest gift we can give a child is a preschool education at a high-quality school.

We believe....
.....in a progressive approach to learning. We believe that effective early learning  programs tend to borrow ‘best practice’ and take guiding principles from a number of models. There are many early learning philosophies that exist and new ones keep emerging based on new research and findings. We believe that an effective curriculum takes from a range of  philosophies and keeps changing to incorporate new ones. Only then can children have a complete and balanced experience that caters for all areas of development. Our curriculum uses the Montessori philosophy as the foundation and combines it with aspects of other impressive programs, such as the Reggio Emilia Approach.......thus making it a "Progressive Montessori"

We believe....
.....Children teach themselves and at the same time they like some level of organization and discipline. Children have natural tendencies toward exploration, hard work, creativity, and communication. Our goal is to create a learning environment, which feeds the evolving 
passions of the children.  

We believe....
......that at the early childhood stage children are entirely given over to their physical surroundings, absorbing their world through their senses and responding through imitation.Therefore adults concerned with young children, including parents,teachers, and 
caregivers, have a responsibility to create an environment worthy of unquestioning imitation.


We believe....
......art is a very important learning tool. It allows children  to express themselves and at the same time develops their creativity. Just as art is an integral part of a curriculum we believe an artistic and aesthetically pleasing physical environment is equally key in early Learning.

We believe....

.....each child is an unique individual who takes an active role in his or her own learning and development. The deep respect demonstrated toward children and the quality of the relationships between adults and children is a key premise in designing our program.


We believe....

.....your child is very special to you .......and us.